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Fire Hydrant Painting

July 11, 2019 -- Beginning next week, a City contractor will begin painting fire hydrants throughout Highland Park. The preparation and painting process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, weather permitting, and includes the following steps:

  1. Protecting and covering the surrounding area around each hydrant. 
  2. Sandblasting each hydrant using an environmentally safe blasting aggregate to remove deteriorated layers of paint and rust.
  3. Priming each hydrant (the prime coat will look pinkish and must fully dry before a final coat is applied). 
  4.  Applying a high quality, high-performance red urethane paint, which will provide a protective coating against any chipping, fading, or peeling.

Public Works operates and maintains approximately 1,775 fire hydrants located throughout the City as part of the overall water distribution system. This routine painting process helps fire hydrants last longer, improves operability and visibility, and makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

Please call the Public Works Department at 847.432.0807 with any additional questions.