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Residential Waste and Recycling

Lake Shore Recycling Systems
As of January 1, 2016 Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) is Highland Park's waste and recycling hauler for all residential, commercial and multi-family properties.  Please visit to read about Lakeshore Recycling Systems. 

Food Scrap Composting
Highland Park’s new curbside composting service allows residents to dispose of compostable materials such as fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper napkins and yard waste in a curbside bin between April 1 and December 15. There are two options for utilizing this new service: volume-based (stickers) and subscription (monthly payment). Please note, the composting service is available if you do not need yard waste services; any customer is eligible to participate in this program – whether you use volume based or weekly pick up for your trash.

2018 Fees
Base Fee: $5.68/month*
Curbside Subscription: $23.02
Curbside Volume-Based: $5.68, plus $2.50 per 35 gallon
Refuse Sticker: $2.55
Container Exchange: $25 (First container free of charge)
Counter-top Compost Container: $5 (Available at City Hall)
95 -Gallon Container: extra $5 per month

*All residents are responsible for paying the base fee regardless of whether or not service is being utilized. 
If you have any additional questions please visit or call 773.685.8811.

Frequently Asked Questions
The following FAQs have been compiled to help answer questions regarding Spring Clean Up and the City's Compost Program. If you have further questions about waste and recycling programs, please contact LRS at 773.685.8811.  Service Schedule 


Primary Day (Once a week)   

    Second Day (Twice a week) 

Southeast Quadrant  Monday  Thursday 
Southwest Quadrant  Tuesday Friday
Northeast Quadrant  Thursday Monday
Northwest Quadrant  Friday Tuesday

Please refer to a map by using the City's Property Search tool. Input your address, view the Map Gallery, Select the "Garbage Collection Area" Map.

Garbage, recycling and yard waste are collected on the primary day in each area. Different trucks collect different materials - they may not be collected at the same time. Residents choosing twice-weekly service have only garbage collected on the secondary day. To confirm boundaries, call Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 773.685.8811.

Landscape Waste Collection
The landscape waste program runs from April 1 to December 15 of each year. Service is provided on the same day as refuse and recycling collection. Yard waste is to be placed in a 30-gallon biodegradable paper bag, bundled or placed in a metal or plastic container up to 33 gallons in size. Bags, bundles and containers may not exceed 50 pounds and are to be placed at the curb for collection. Containers must be marked as yard waste. Bundles cannot exceed 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. Branches within each bundle may not exceed 3 inches in diameter. For volume based subsribers each bag must be marked with a compost sticker.

Hours of Collection 
Collection begins at 7:00 AM Please have your materials ready in their appropriate locations at that time. For the sake of appearance, please put your materials out no earlier than 7:00 PM the evening before your scheduled pick-up. Note: Pick-up times will vary with routing changes or extreme weather conditions. 

Holiday Service 
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
If a holiday falls on a weekday or Sunday, collection is delayed by one day for the rest of the week. Pick-up will be made on Saturday so that service is back to the normal schedule by the following Monday. Learn more.

Residential Guide for Waste and Recycling Collection in Highland Park

The City of Highland Park along with SWALCO (Solid Waste Agency of Lake County) promotes recycling as one of various ways to improve the environment. Please visit the City's sustainability page  to find out more information on what is recyclable and how to properly dispose of other materials.