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Administrative Hearing System

The City of Highland Park will not be conducting in-person hearings. The City Clerk’s Office is pleased to offer you the opportunity to contest your administrative hearing citation(s) remotely via mail, e-mail, or video. You may elect to contest the citation(s) via: Contest by Mail/ Email or choose to Contest via Video Hearing.

Virtual Administrative Hearing Steps:

  1. Fill out the contact and citation information in the virtual administrative hearing proceedings form
  2. Select  how you would like to contest your citation
  3. Provide a brief description of the reason(s) you are contesting liability if you are requesting to contest your citation via mail or email
  4. Enclose with this form any written evidence you wish the hearing officer to consider in adjudicating the citation(s)
  5. Sign and Print your name once you have read the acknowledgment
  6. Return your response by Mail or Email and make sure you receive confirmation that we have received your form

If you have elected to participate via Zoom conference call, we will contact you based on the contact information provided in your request from and let you know your exact appointment time. Please review the Zoom proceedings FAQ’s so that you are prepared for your hearing.

If you have elected to contest your citation by mail, you will be mailed a copy of your final disposition after the hearing has taken place on your scheduled hearing date. Lastly, if you are found liable for the citation(s) and fines are imposed, you will be mailed an invoice that must be paid to the City of Highland Park, within 30 days.

Failure to respond to either of the request options may result in default liability and the maximum fine(s) imposed.

According to Chapter 38 of the City Code of Highland Park the City has established an Administrative Hearing System to enforce and adjudicate violations of City Ordinances and Code provisions.  An administrative hearing is similar to a court proceeding although it is far less formal and different rules apply.

Please click here for the 2024 Hearing Schedule.

Should you have any questions concerning your citation, the conducting of hearings as described above, or any other hearing-related matters, you may contact Megan Cherry, Administrative Specialist (847.926.1045 or If you are requesting a new hearing, please contact the Administrative Specialist at least five (5) business days prior to your scheduled hearing date.

If you are an Attorney and will be representing a client in one of our administrative hearings, please fill out the Attorney Appearance Form and email it to prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Frequently Asked Questions