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Historic District Signs Unveiled

June 4, 2019 -- New gateway signs identifying Highland Park’s three local historic districts have been installed at the corners of Maple and Linden Avenues, Vine and Linden Avenues, Linden Avenue and Linden Park Place, and Belle Avenue and Park Lane. The signs further the City’s goal of community vibrancy by raising awareness of preservation and Highland’s Park’s significant architectural history.

Highland Park’s three historic districts are the Linden Park Place Historic District (established 1997), the Vine/Linden/Maple Historic District (established 1999), and the Belle Avenue Historic District (established 2002).  The Historic Preservation Commission worked with the City’s Community Development, Public Works, and City Manager’s Office to develop a sign plan for the districts to help educate, identify, and preserve the historical elements of the community for generations to come.

“Understanding the cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history of Highland Park fosters a sense of civic pride in the beauty of the community,” said City Manager Ghida Neukirch. “By identifying the historic districts in this way, preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of these areas will persist as part of the City’s culture.”

The homes in these districts represent a variety of architectural, cultural, and historic aspects particular to the heritage of the City.  For details on the districts, historic walking tours, and other historical information, please visit the Historic Preservation Commission’s web page on the City’s website.