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Construction Communication: Keeping Up with CIP Projects

April 30, 2024  -- The City employs multiple channels of communication to share news and updates regarding capital improvement projects (CIP). These include:

The City’s 2024 CIP StoryMap offers an interactive way to explore information about projects that are in various stages of development or implementation. Project stages are clearly marked on the map, and relevant downloads are provided. Each item also includes a project description, accompanying map, and primary point of contact within the City. Please note that the list is tentative and subject to change pending City Council approval and funding availability. The CIP StoryMap also includes projects managed by IDOT within the City, with high-level summaries and anticipated impacts on the community.  

In addition to updates posted on the City's website and the interactive StoryMap, large-scale projects may also have a dedicated web presence or project-specific mailing list, sometimes from the planning stages. These standalone websites and email list signups are regularly promoted in the City's eNews.

Once construction is underway, project signage also provides valuable updates regarding project progress. Signage options include:

  • On-site construction information signage
  • Digital message board
  • Door tags placed at nearby properties (if warranted)
  • Digital kiosks in Downtown Highland Park

Sister governments and community partners are also notified of projects that may impact them or their constituents. Quarterly, the City hosts a meeting of the chief elected and appointed officials of the governments serving Highland Park residents to promote synergy and collaboration.

Regular updates on 2024 public infrastructure CIP projects and upcoming future projects are posted on the City’s interactive construction StoryMap at For additional details on the City’s construction projects, please contact the Department of Public Works at 847.432.0807.