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Sister Cities Foundation

Winner 2018 Illinois Sister Cities Association- Sister City of the Year
Winner 2018 Sister Cities International- Award for Innovation in Youth and Education
Winner 2017 Sister Cities International - Best Overall Program

Foundation Details

Highland Park has three Sister Cities: Modena, Italy; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and Yerucham, Israel. Highland Park's sister city relationships were forged through cooperation with Sister Cities International, based in Washington, D.C. 

The mission of the Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation is to bridge cultures and promote goodwill and global peace by providing cultural and educational exchanges, governmental, professional and economic partnerships and humanitarian assist

  • Carol Wolfe, President 
  • Nancy Richman, Treasurer 
  • Rene Nissim, Secretary
  • Richard Wolfe, Vice President / Puerto Vallarta
  • Joe Adler, Vice President / Yerucham
  • Emma Kowalenko, Vice President / Modena
  • Trudy and Phil Bettiker
  • Larry and Abby Block 
  • Gail Guggenheim 
  • Holly Kerr
  • Honorable Dan and Rhoda Pierce 
  • Sandy Richman 
  • Burt and Carol Schmarak 
  • Judi Baldwin
  • Anthony Bilotti
  • Wendy and Bill Lipsman
  • Blake Novotny
  • Luciano Lamberti 
  • Aurora Santos
  • Cheryl Levi
  • Marcia Rosenbaum
  • Salomon Jr., Salomon Sr., and Avelina Barrera            
  • Nicole Hara and Emily Mia Yastrow, Student Representatives through 6/2019
  • Spencer Coplan and Roy Steinberg, Student Representatives through 6/2020 
  • Daniel Kaufman, City Council Liaison
  • Jonathan Bogue, Staff Liaison
For more information, please contact Jonathan Bogue, Administrative Intern, at 847.926.1042 or by email at