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Remote Projects

Dr. King recognized the power of service. He famously said, "Everyone can be great because everybody can serve." Observing the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday through service is a way to begin each year with a commitment to making your community a better place.

The following organizations invite you to participate in Remote Service Projects. 

Edgewood Middle School Reach For Change
- Paper Doll Project
Click HERE for project details. 

Gratitude Generation
- Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats for Homeless Individuals
Click HERE for project details. 

Highland Park Community Foundation
- Give Where You Live: Spotlight on Service
Click HERE for project details.  Please click on the light blue bar at the top of the page.

Highland Park Fire Department
- Kids Fire Safety Program
Click HERE for project details.

North Suburban Legal Aid
- "All are Welcome"  print, color, and display signs
Click HERE for project details. 

Park District of Highland Park - Heller Nature Center

- Create natural and healthy spaces in your community
Click HERE for project details. 

Ravinia Elementary School
- Print, color, and donate pictures for senior adults
Completed pictures may be dropped off throughout January at:
     Ravinia Elementary, 763 Dean Avenue / HP
Click HERE for project details.

Scope (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education)
- Write letters of encouragement to campers from underserved communities
Click HERE for project details.

Volunteer Pool Volunteer Opportunities
- Volunteer with local service providers now and throughout the year
Click HERE for family friendly volunteer opportunities
Click HERE for all volunteer opportunities