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Residential Waste and Recycling FAQ

As of January 1, 2016, Lakeshore Recycling Systems will become the City of Highland Park’s exclusive waste and recycling company. LRS was chosen based on pricing and offering more options for disposing of organic and electronic materials.

1. Who is the City’s waste hauler?
Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS), based out of Morton Grove, IL, is the City’s new waste hauler. LRS is a 14-year-old company that has seen impressive, but controlled growth by providing the highest levels of waste and recycling service. Their efforts in sustainability have set them apart from other haulers; specifically, LRS is one of few haulers that do not own a landfill and focus instead of increasing recycling participation rates.

2. Will rates increase?
A 2% - 3.5% rate increase can be expected in April based on the Consumer Price Index. The City’s contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems states that price adjustment will not exceed 3.5%.

3. When will my garbage be picked up?
To find out your refuse and recycling pickup day, please refer to a map by using the City's Property Search tool at Input your address, view the Map Gallery, and select the "Garbage Collection Area" Map.

4. What cart sizes are offered?
Depending on the service, LRS will offer a choice of 35, 65 and 95-gallon carts. Volume-based and backdoor customers will be provided a 35-gallon refuse cart. Subscription curbside customers have the option of choosing a 35, 65 or 95-gallon cart for both refuse and recycling. Volume-based curbside customers may choose a 35, 65, or 95-gallon cart for recycling. All backdoor customers will receive a 35- gallon recycling cart.

5. Can I change the type of service I have?
Yes. If you would like to change services at any time, call an LRS Service Representative at 844.633.3577 or email

6. When is the annual spring clean-up? 

In partnership with LRS, the City has released the following dates:

  • If your collection is Monday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 23
  • If your collection is Tuesday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 30
  • If your collection is Thursday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, May 7
  • If your collection is Friday, your Clean-Up Day is Saturday, May 14

For more information, please click here

Spring clean-up is offered year-round through LRS’s bulk item pickup service. LRS will take one ‘Bulk’ item that can be safely removed, per week at no charge (tables, chairs, mattresses etc.). *If more than one bulk item is left out for pickup, a refuse sticker will need to be attached to the item. LRS also offers an annual spring clean-up that will be promoted through City communications in the spring. Residential Waste and Recycling Services Frequently Asked Questions

7. What is the organic/ composting program?
The City’s compost program allows customers to comingle their food scraps with their yard waste in conjunction with the landscape season between April 1 and December 15. There are two options for this type of collection, volume-based curbside collection and subscription curbside collection. For both services, LRS will provide a 35-gallon cart for no additional charge.

Volume-based customers will place a sticker (same as waste sticker) on their container when it is full and bring it to the curb on the same day as their waste and recycling collection. Subscription customers will do the same, except there is no need to purchase stickers. If customers only want to dispose of yard waste and not food scraps, they may use biodegradable bags and bring them to the curb for collection. Volume-based customers must affix a sticker to the bag in order for them to be collected. Volume-based landscape customers are limited to 33gallons per sticker.

Please do not dispose of food scraps in biodegradable bags as this may result in a pest control issue.

8. What do I do with electronics?
LRS will collect one large electronic waste item (televisions, monitors, computers, speakers, etc.) or three small electronic waste items (phones, mice, radios, adding machines, etc.) on the first customer collection day of the month. Please contact LRS for information regarding large or small sized electronic waste options at 844.633.3577 or

9. How do holidays affect my service?
Service days that fall on one of the six holidays listed below will be collected on the following day. If the holiday falls on a Friday, your service day will be Saturday. Christmas New Year’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving

10. How can I dispose of appliances and ‘white’ goods?
White goods and appliances are no longer allowed in landfills. If you have an appliance or white good that needs removal, please call a LRS Service Representative at 844.633.3577 or email: to schedule service. A charge of $40.00 per item will be charged. Items include: Washers and Dryers Refrigerators (no Freon) Ovens Dishwashers Stoves AC Units Hot Water Heaters Freezers

11. How can I dispose of household chemical waste?
Household Chemical Waste is not allowed in conventional waste streams. Please consult the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) at (847) 336-9340, or to schedule an appointment to properly dispose of HCW’s. Items include, but are not limited to: Paint Cleaning Products Pesticides Solvents Oil Antifreeze Insecticides Lawn Chemicals

12. How do I dispose of construction and demolition debris?
Please call a LRS Service Representative at 844.633.3577 or email: to schedule service.

13. What do I do if my garbage isn’t picked up?
If your garbage or recycling was not picked up on its scheduled service day, between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM, please call a LRS Service Representative at 844.633.3577 or email: to schedule service.

14. How long is the contract with LRS?
The Contract with LRS is in place until March 31, 2022

15. What is an RFID chip and how does it work?
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows Lake Shore Recycling Systems to track and bill residents without the cumbersome act of buying stickers. An RFID tag is embedded into the refuse carts and tracks the number of times a refuse cart is tipped each month. Customers are billed accordingly.

16. What is a base fee and why do I have to pay it (even if I’m not using the service)?
The “base fee” is a monthly refuse fee on all property owners in Highland Park regardless of their service option. The fee is the foundation of the City’s contract with the current and former waste haulers and allows our community to participate in an ala carte waste program where property owners are allowed to choose the refuse option that best fits their needs. The pricing structure not only provides more options to residents and business owners, it also takes into account the unusually high number of ‘snow birds’ and travelers within our community. Additionally, the base fee covers the cost of refuse and recycling trucks on the street, service to communal properties and receptacles, and waste services at City-sponsored events such as Taste of Highland Park and the Holiday Lighting Ceremony.

17. Who should I contact with questions or concerns regarding my service?
Please call LRS at 844.633.3577 with any questions or concerns. If you would like to express a concern about LRS, please contact the City at 847.926.1000.