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The City of Highland Park has a number of housing resources, initiatives, and programs within the Planning Division. Many of these focus on the affordable housing supply in Highland Park.

In 2001, the Housing Commission and the City released the "Affordable Housing Needs and Implementation Plan." This plan was written to address the decreasing economic diversity within the City, and it created the framework for implementing the Inclusionary Housing Program, for creating the Land Trust (now led by the Community Partners for Affordable Housing), and for funding the Housing Trust Fund. These initiatives have continued to thrive. The City, through the Housing Commission, also operates other affordable housing developments, which have added to the affordable housing supply for seniors and families.

The housing planning activities are carried out through the Housing Commission.

Housing  planning resources for residents or future residents
Affordable housing opportunities
Foreclosure prevention
2023 Pricing Schedule for Inclusionary Housing - Rental
For Sale Affordable Housing Calculation
2023 HUD Income Limits