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The Building Division is responsible for the review and approval of construction plans for conformance with applicable codes as well as conducting site inspections for projects, including general construction, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. 

The division works closely with the Fire Prevention Bureau to ensure conformance with life safety code requirements and with the Engineering Division to ensure compliance with drainage, grading, and steep slope requirements.

Building Department Applications and Inspections

  • Request inspections via e-mail at
  • Please include property address, permit number(s),  ALL requested inspection type(s), name/phone/email of contact for day of inspection, and preferred timeframe of AM (8am-12pm) or PM (12pm-3pm).  The cutoff time for the next business day is 2:30pm and incomplete requests will not be scheduled.
  • Remote Video Inspection Guidelines

Other Resources

Note: Please remember that your copy of the plans stamped "approved" by the City of Highland Park must be on the job at the time of all inspections!

Online Permitting Status
Online permitting allows people to view information regarding building permits, including the results of inspections.  Access Online Permitting Services

Helpful Tips

  • When entering an address to call up a permit, it is not necessary to enter the whole street name. You may enter the street number and the first few letters of the street name followed by an asterisk (*), then hit search. 
    • For example, entering “1150 Ha*” would call up the permits for 1150 Half Day Road.Two periods (..) can be used to search a range. 
    • For example, 09/07/2009..09/09/2009 will retrieve all the permits from 09/07/2009 to 09/09/2009.
  • If you wish to log in (not required): 
    • Choose "Registered Users" or "New User."
    • Follow the prompts to enter or create your user name and password.