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Winter Tree Trimming

Winter Tree Trimming
Routine tree trimming is an important component of Highland Park’s tree maintenance program. Each fall and winter, the Facilities & Grounds Division schedules a section of the City within which all parkway trees are trimmed. To maintain a routine trimming rotation, the City is divided into eight districts with each district containing approximately the same number of trees. The trimming is conducted under national Standard Specification to maintain tree health and to provide necessary clearance for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Trees to be trimmed are all situated within the City’s rights of way adjacent to streets and other public lands. All work will be done to improve and maintain the health and quality of the trees and to assure the safety and accessibility of streets and sidewalks within Highland Park.

Tree Trimming Map

More Information
If you have any questions concerning the work or contractors, please contact City Forester, Keith O'Herrin by calling 847.432.0807.