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General Orders

The City of Highland Park is committed to being open and accountable as we strive to provide a safe and secure community through procedurally-just police practices.  The Highland Park Police Department maintains a written directive system of General Orders which set forth standards, values and expectations of the Police Department.  These written directives serve the following purpose:

  • Provide a set of standards which guide agency efforts in the pursuit of providing fair, equitable and effective public safety services;
  • Meet and comply with professional standards and best practices of law enforcement, as well as those of business and government;
  • Identify and describe authority, and responsibility;
  • Establish a consistent set of policies, procedures and rules to effectively direct the activities of the department and its members;
  • Provide clear guidance to all agency members in the performance of their assigned duties;
  • Establish a basis for determining accountability for the use of delegated authority; and
  • Establish a basis for evaluating performance and achievement.

The written directive system is comprehensive and reviewed and updated regularly by City staff in consultation with subject matter experts.   The written directive system is based on best practices, accessible and easy to use, functionally organized, and available at all times to those who are directed by it and to the public. As policies become obsolete, they are purged from the master list which accounts for the gaps in numbering.   The General Orders supplement the City’s Personnel Manual for all employees, Collective Bargaining Agreements, and other local, state and federal laws applicable to Highland Park Police personnel.

If individuals have questions, they may contact the following individuals:

Ghida S. Neukirch                                       Chief Louis Jogmen
City Manager                                                 Police Chief                

Click here to read the Highland Park Police Department General Orders

Additional Policies

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Records and Reporting

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