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Crime Map and Statistical Reports

Crime Maps and Statistical Reports

The Highland Park Police Department is dedicated to providing residents with  information regarding criminal activity. As part of this effort, the police department organizes a  map that indicates the location of criminal activity during a three-month (quarterly) period. Criminal activity included in the maps includes the following offenses:

Burglary – Residential or Commercial
Burglary to Automobile
Motor Vehicle Theft

 *Battery includes only Aggravated Assault/Aggravated Battery – “an unlawful attack or attempted attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury” (Federal Uniform Crime Report). Simple assault/battery, as well as domestic incidents, are not included on these Crime Maps.

**Theft includes the following categories: Theft Under $500, Theft Over $500, Retail Theft, and Local (As defined by Highland Park Ordinance) Theft.

Additionally, the Police Department provides residents with information regarding police activity and crime trends through Quarterly Statistical Reports.  

*Note - Due to the need for data entry and statistical analysis, the Statistical Reports will be posted to the website one month after the close of the quarter.