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Dive Rescue


Dive RescueThe City of Highland Park is bordered by Lake Michigan and has numerous lakes, ponds and streams within the community. The number of water hazards combined with the broad range of weather conditions necessitated the development of a dive / rescue team. 

Immediate Response
The Highland Park Dive Rescue Team provides an immediate response of highly trained personnel and specialized equipment to the scene of open water and ice incidents, with the purpose of affecting a rescue. The team is also responsible for locating and recovering submerged evidence to aid the Police Department during investigations. The services provided to the citizens of Highland Park are shared in a reciprocal agreement with all members within Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Division III

Diver Requirements
The requirements of a rescue diver differ greatly from those in the sport diving community. The rescue diver must be trained to be proficient in many environments, which include zero visibility diving, ice diving and swift water rescues. The divers are outfitted with wireless communications equipment and are fully encapsulated to allow for diving in contaminated atmospheres.