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Registration Process

Registration for First-time Users

First-time users will need a copy of their city invoice in order to register. The system requires a customer and invoice number. 

  1. From the account login screen, click on the "New User" button and enter your e-profile information to establish your eUser account. Once you have entered the information click on the "Next Step" button to confirm. Please make note of your eUser name and password for future account access.
  2. If all the information is correct click "Register" to enter your customer and invoice information.
  3. In order to connect your eUser login to a City accounts receivable account, additional information is required. Please enter both your customer number and invoice number on this form. This information may be found in the top section of the City invoice.
  4. Once the customer number and invoice number have been entered click the "Register with Accounts Receivable" button to establish your account access.
  5. Upon successful registration you can view invoice information, make payments or view transaction history.
  6. Once you have logged on, the eUser information may be updated at any time by clicking on the "MyProfile" button at the top right of the page.

Begin the registration process

Should you have any questions regarding registration or online payments, please contact the Finance Department at 847.432.0800.