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Stormwater Management

Our houses, driveways, buildings, and parking lots all reduce the permeable land that can absorb rainfall.  Instead of continuing the water cycle, much of the rain that falls in Highland Park is channeled directly to the sewer system, which can quickly reach capacity during heavy storms.


What is Stormwater Management?
Stormwater management is the method for channeling rainfall through pipes and sewers away from the property to an appropriate body of water or outfall.  Excess stormwater requires careful management as the ramifications, like flooding, can negatively affect the City and residents.  Typically, stormwater is managed through an underground storm sewer system.  However, extreme rain events may overwhelm this type of municipal infrastructure.  Excess water that travels on impervious surfaces (e.g., surfaces that do not absorb water), such as roads, may also become contaminated before reaching the outfall location.  


To learn more about stormwater management, please see the City of Highland Park Stormwater Management Fact SheetBenefits of On-Site Stormwater ManagementCity of Highland Park Stormwater Management Planor visit The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission.


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