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Water Efficiency

The City of Highland Park has been delivering clean, reliable water supplies to homes, businesses, industries and other area customers for more than 100 years. Our successes have come from engaging our customers in planning for our water supply needs and promoting the responsible use of water. The City of Highland Park's current goal is to reduce potable water consumption annually by 2030 by enforcing the City’s Water Conservation and Efficiency Initiative approved in 2013. The information you will find here will help you and others in our community become more effective stewards of our vital water resources.

We Are All In The Business Of Saving Water

Our offices and businesses consume huge quantities of water. Follow these simple tips for wise water use in the workplace:
  • Post a phone number in bathrooms and kitchens to report leaks or water waste to facility managers or maintenance personnel.
  • Look for WaterSense labeled products when replacing toilets or water faucets.
  • Shut off water in unused areas of the office to eliminate leaks and unmonitored water usage.
  • Send the person in charge of your landscaping to an irrigation workshop to learn to save water while maintaining the landscaping.
  • Create a suggestion and incentives system at your workplace to recognize water-saving ideas.
  • Review all of the water uses across the company’s operations.  Identify unnecessary uses and fix leaks, and revise processes to use minimum amounts of water to accomplish the task.  This review can also identify alternative processes that are less water-intensive.
  • Install meters on high-flow processes and equipment to track and reduce water use.
  • Consider equipment modifications and new technology that might eliminate "once-through" cooling of equipment with municipal water by recycling water flow to a cooling tower or replacing with air-cooled equipment.
  • For more information on commercial water use, visit the EPA's Commercial WaterSense Website.