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Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is one of the electricity providers for the City of Highland Park. They own and maintain the electricity infrastructure and billing distribution system.

  • ComEd can be reached at 800.334.7661
  • For more information, please visit ComEd's website
Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates

ComEd is the primary energy provider in Highland Park. To encourage energy-efficient practices, ComEd awards rebates when buying energy-efficient products including ENERGY STAR. Rebates are updated every year and have numerous eligibility requirements. Before buying an energy appliance ensure the device is compliment with ComEd’s Rebate program and you have read the Eligibility Form in its entirety.

Appliance Rebates Smart Thermostats Pool Pump Rebates
Heating and Cooling Rebates Lighting Discounts Solar Incentives and Rebates for Residents and Businesses
Weatherization Rebates  Home Products Discounts Free Energy-Saving Products

For more information about Energy Efficiency and ComEd please visit:

The Citizens Utility Board’s fact sheet on ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Programs
The Citizens Utility Boards Fact sheet on ComEd’s Smart Thermostats