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Clavey Rd Improvement Project | FAQ

Traffic Management
Browse questions and answers related to traffic management on Clavey Rd. during consturction. 

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Last updated April 16, 2020.

Will the bridge that carries Clavey Road be able to carry traffic during construction?

Are there detour routes planned during construction?

Why is the City considering a two-lane roadway during construction instead of a one-lane roadway with detours?

Will the stoplight at the bridge be on a straight timer?

Will that timer be able to be adjusted during times of high traffic?

On Ravinia Nights, would having a traffic officer take manual control of the light be an option?

Can pedestrians / bicyclists use Clavey Rd safely during construction (temporary sidewalk)?

Will large truck (18-wheeler) traffic be allowed on Clavey Rd during the project?