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Youth Center

What is now the City of Highland Park’s Division of Youth Services was created by the City in 1973, primarily through the efforts of a few young people and community-minded adults. This youth organization originally operated under the name Highland Park Youth Committee. 

In 1986, the organization’s name was changed to Youth Services to better reflect the diversity of services being offered. Thanks to the continued support of the City Council, the community and Highland Park youth, these programs continue to flourish.
Population Served
The Firehouse After School Club and Early Release Day Field Trips are open to students in grades 6-8 who are Highland Park residents or who attend Highland Park schools. 
Facility Information
The Youth Center is housed at The Firehouse, a renovated Highland Park fire station located at 1830 Green Bay Road, just east of Sunset Park. This multipurpose facility includes a fully equipped activity center, study room, counseling area, meeting room and staff offices.