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Bridge Phase

Illinois is currently operating in Phase 5. 

The Bridge Phase is designed to ease the transition from Phase 4 to Phase 5. Highlights of the Bridge Phase include:
  • Data-driven: IDPH will continue to monitor positivity rates, hospitalizations, and deaths for indicators of resurgence.
  • Incremental: Restrictions will be adjusted based on metrics.
  • Increased capacity limits by sector.
  • Expanded allowable activities in Phase 4, based on studies of virus transmission.

Read the press releaseRead the Bridge Phase summary.

What's New in the Bridge Phase?
Dining: Standing areas may increase to 30% capacity indoors, and 50% capacity outdoors. In seated areas, groups are limited to ten or fewer people, and patrons must be seated at least six feet apart.
Health & Fitness: Capacity may increase to 60%. Group fitness classes may expand to 50 or fewer indoors, or 100 or fewer outdoors.
Retail & Personal Care: Capacity may increase to 60%.
Social events: Capacity limited to 250 people indoors, 500 people outdoors.
Ticketed spectator events, museums, zoos & amusement parks: Capacity may increase to 60%.
Outdoor general admission events: Capacity increased to 30 people per 1,000 sq. ft.

Will the State provide Bridge Phase guidelines to businesses by sector?

When will we transition to the Bridge Phase?

Will this happen as a state, or by region?

Could we revert back to Phase 4?

When will we transition to Phase 5?

Why will the 3Ws continue to be important once more Illinoisans are vaccinated?