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Openlands Lakeshore Preserve Update

Openlands Lakeshore Preserve remains closed as experts return for additional investigation 

April 29, 2022 -- Naval Station Great Lakes announced this week that experts from Tetra Tech will return to Openlands Lakeshore Preserve in Highland Park for additional field investigations of unexploded military munitions. Currently, the nature preserve remains closed to the public. Part of the former Fort Sheridan Army base for more than 100 years, the preserve was forced to close for the safety of all the week of April 5, 2021, due to the discovery and disposal of three explosives. These items were safely removed and disposed of by the proper authorities.
In support of reopening the Openlands Lakeshore Preserve in a timely and safe manner, the Navy awarded a contract to Tetra Tech in 2021 to address public health and safety concerns. Tetra Tech reviewed historical documents and in December conducted an initial field investigation. A team is mobilizing to return to the site in May.   
Naval Station Great Lakes, the City of Highland Park, Lake County, and Openlands have been conducting frequent subject matter expert and leadership meetings to discuss efforts underway to support the return of public access and land management to Openlands Lakeshore Preserve. The team is committed to addressing concerns to return the preserve to its intended purpose as a nature preserve for the public’s enjoyment and ask all to respect the closure while work is completed. 
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