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Electric Aggregation Program FAQ

Over the last few weeks, residents and small business owners should have received informational letters from MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) and ComEd about a change in electric supply from ComEd to mc2. More information about the electricity aggregation program is available at Have a question that's not answered here? Reach out to

Are these letters legitimate?
Yes, letters from MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) and ComEd about the change in supplier to mc2 are legitimate and are authorized by the City. mc2 is the City's only authorized alternative electricity supplier.

Why did the City contract with mc2 to serve as electric supplier and what is the benefit to the community?
Highland Park's participation in the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium's electricity aggregation program will provide the City with a civic contribution from mc2 of approximately $120,000 to $140,000 per year. These funds will be used to advance the City's sustainability objectives including sustainability infrastructure projects or may be used to procure renewable energy credits (RECs) to reduce the City's carbon footprint. Notably, this revenue source is being provided to the City by mc2 for sustainability purposes without any additional costs paid by Highland Park residents or businesses for their electricity use.

Will my electric service switch from ComEd if mc2 is the electric supplier?
No. ComEd will continue to be responsible for the transmission, delivery, billing, and management of your electricity service. You'll continue to be billed by ComEd (and pay ComEd) as normal. Service concerns such as outages should continue to be reported to ComEd. ComEd owns and operates the electricity infrastructure that delivers electricity to Highland Park properties. The only change that customers will observe is that mc2 will be listed as the electricity supplier on ComEd bills.

Can I opt-out of this program?
Unless you choose to opt-out or received a letter that your account is remaining with ComEd and will not be transitioned, mc2 will automatically become the electricity supplier for your ComEd account under the City's aggregation program. If you received an opt-out letter and do not wish to have mc2 serve as your electric supplier, you must take action to opt-out of the program. To opt-out, you may call mc2 at 855.697.0286, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM or e-mail If you do not opt-out and transition to mc2 for electric supply but would like to later opt-out, there is no termination fee or penalties at any time for switching your electric supply back to ComEd. Please note that ComEd will remain responsible for the delivery and transmission of your electric service. You will still receive an electric bill from ComEd and ComEd will still be the entity that you call in the event of a power outage.

If I decide to participate now, can I choose to opt-out later?
You may cancel at any time without any penalties or fees by calling mc2 at 855.697.0286, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Is there an additional cost for consumers through this program?
No, there are no additional costs to consumers with the change in electricity supply to mc2. If you decide to participate, your monthly bill will always match ComEd's monthly published rate. Participants will never pay more than they would have paid with ComEd.

Are there cost savings for participants in the program?
No, your monthly rate will always match ComEd's monthly published rate.

What is the difference between electricity supply and electric delivery?
This program only impacts the supplier of your electricity. Illinois allows residents (or in our case, a consortium of municipalities) to obtain electricity supply from a vendor other than ComEd. ComEd remains responsible for electricity delivery and service. Your electricity supplier doesn't impact how electricity is delivered to your home. Here's how billing works.
Electric bills are typically divided into three categories:

  • Supply charge: This is based on the amount of electricity used during the billing cycle. ComEd publishes a monthly kilowatt-hour rate, which can vary from month to month. Electricity supply provided by mc2 will always match this monthly published rate. The name of the supplier is the only part of your bill that will change, and the charge rate will not change.
  • Electricity transmission charge: The cost to deliver generated electricity to our service area. This will remain with ComEd. This is based on how much electricity you use. It will continue to be calculated the same way regardless of your electricity supplier.
  • Delivery services charge: The cost to provide service at your home. This will remain with ComEd, and it will be the same regardless of your electricity supplier.

What should community solar subscribers do if they receive an opt-out letter?
If you have a community solar subscription for your electricity account and you received an opt-out notice from mc2 or ComEd, it is recommended that you opt-out of the City's electricity aggregation program to continue receiving the maximum benefit from your community solar subscription. If you have a community solar subscription and would like to opt-out, please call mc2 at 855.697.0286, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.

Is mc2 going door-to-door with information about this program?
No. mc2 is not conducting door-to-door solicitations for this program. Any solicitor who comes to your door or calls asking you to switch to a new supplier is not associated with Highland Park's Electric Aggregation Program, mc2 or ComEd. MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (mc2) is the only vendor endorsed by the City of Highland Park.