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City Council Considers Change to Involuntary Landmark Practices

The Highland Park City Council will consider extending the current moratorium regarding involuntary landmark designation at the July 24, 2017 City Council meeting to allow more time for research, discussion and consideration of changes to the City’s Municipal Code. The moratorium was set to expire on August 13, 2017. An extension of the current moratorium is proposed through February 12, 2018.  If approved by the City Council, during the limited time period established in the ordinance, nominations to involuntarily landmark any property, structure, area, object, or landscape will not accepted. Exploration of any voluntary landmark of a property, structure, area, object or landscape by an owner is always encouraged.

The City Council approved an ordinance at its February 13, 2017 Council Meeting establishing a six-month moratorium on landmark nominations of properties, structures, areas, objects and landscapes without property owner consent.  The intent of the moratorium was to allow time for City staff to review current City of Highland Park regulations related to involuntary landmark nominations given concerns expressed on behalf of the property owner of 1570 Hawthorne.

Subsequent discussions were held at the Committee of the Whole meeting on May 8 and July 10, 2017 whereby the Council was presented with options for legislative control, standards related to the consideration of this type of nomination as well as practices in other communities and options for possible Municipal Code revisions.  The proposed extension of the moratorium allows for continued discussion at a future Committee of the Whole Meeting and additional time to research the matter based on City Council and public feedback.

The current Municipal Code regarding landmark nominations may be found at For more information, contact the City Manager’s Office at 847.926.1000. To provide input regarding the discussion to the City Manager, Mayor and City Council please email