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2019 Police Beat Coordinator Meetings

October 22, 2019 -- In an effort to foster even better partnerships within the Highland Park Community, the City of Highland Park Police Department is enhancing their community outreach efforts through the implementation of the Police Beat Coordinator (PBC) program in the patrol division. To kick-off the program, PBC Meetings were held by each Police Beat Coordinator at a location within his or her beat. 

There are no scheduled meetings at this time, but future meetings will be announced here. For additional information, please call 847.432.7730.


The City is divided into five beats or geographical areas. Beat 90 boundaries are Old Elm Rd., Skokie Valley Rd., Central Ave., Green Bay Rd., and Vine Ave. Beat 93 boundaries are Skokie Valley Rd., Old Mill Rd., Landon Ln., and Deerfield Rd. As part of the PBC program, an officer is designated as a PBC of a specific beat and will remain on that beat to provide a more consistent law enforcement experience. Residents and business owners are encouraged to learn their Beat on the PBC website page and contact their officer when they have any questions about law enforcement or an issue or concern that requires assistance.

“The PBC system is designed to strengthen communication between our officers and the community they serve,” said Police Chief Lou Jogmen. “PBC Officers will help coordinate and be involved, at some level, in nearly all aspects of issues occurring within their beats. They will organize beat meetings throughout the year and will actively engage in working directly with their residents and business owners. This program offers the opportunity for community members to develop a more personalized working relationship with the City.”

PBCs address issues that cannot be successfully managed during an initial police officer visit. Examples of this include ongoing neighbor disputes, recurring quality of life concerns such as graffiti, parking issues, and noise complaints. The team will collaborate and develop an appropriate strategy designed to mitigate or reduce the problem. PBCs also coordinate information sharing with the other officers who work in their beats.

Please note, if the issue is an emergency, time-sensitive or crime in progress, residents and business owners should call 911 to request immediate police service.

Learn more about your PBC officers and the PBC program at or call 847.432.7730.