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City of Highland Park Continues Annual Water Testing of City-Owned Buildings

October 1, 2019 -- Continuing with its commitment to provide safe drinking water, the City of Highland Park conducted annual testing of all water fixtures in City-owned buildings. Though the drinking water supplied by the City of Highland Park Water Plant meets or exceeds US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and is lead-free, it is possible for individual water fixtures to have elevated lead levels due to old plumbing. While there was no indication that lead is present in the water at any facilities, public safety is paramount and annual testing is a critical precautionary measure. This annual program exceeds Federal and State water testing requirements.
City staff collected water samples at City-owned buildings. The water samples were taken to a certified laboratory and tested for lead. Testing is the best way for organizations to know if there are elevated levels of lead in the drinking water and to quickly eliminate any potential problems. Lab results take approximately three weeks to complete. All samples reported as <1.0 ppb which indicates that lead was not detected in any samples. All results were below the lead action level of 15 ppb and within satisfactory standards according to the USEPA. 
For more information about lead testing, please click here.