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2019 Photo Contest Winners

August 27, 2019 -- For the fourth year, the City sought to illustrate the character of the community and capture the vibrancy of Highland Park through a Community Photo Contest. The contest was open to all residents and businesses in Highland Park. This year’s contest had 120 photo submissions. The contest provides the City with a variety of photos to use for communications throughout the year.

Photos were accepted in the following categories:
Community Life
People Portraits
Pets of Highland Park

Thank you to the Cultural Arts Advisory Group who served as the contest judges. Winning photos will be featured in the Highlander, on the City website and the City’s social media.

HP150 Category:
1st place: Carol Wolfe
2nd place: Carol Wolfe 
3rd place: Kristina Govorovska

Architectural Category:
1st place: David Kopka
2nd place: Teryl Hammerschick
3rd place: Kristina Govorovska

Environmental Category:
1st place: Lynn West
2nd place: Kathryn Dennison
3rd place: Kristina Govorovska

Community Life Category:
1st place: Carol Wolfe
2nd place: Merle Branner
3rd place: Mark Hammerschick

 People Portraits Category:
1st place: Deanna Abrams
2nd place: Lynn West
3rd place: Merle Branner

Pets of Highland Park Category:
1st place: Kathryn Dennison
2nd place: Michael Dhkiwal
3rd place: Mark Hammerschick

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