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City of Highland Park Celebrates Historic Homes

April 8, 2019 -- As part of Highland Park’s 150th-anniversary celebration, the HP150 Architecture Committee has put together the Historic Home Celebration, which highlights the City’s remarkable and unique architecture. Yard signs have been placed in the front yards of approximately 200 historic and noteworthy homes in Highland Park. Yard signs will remain in place through May.

The lawn signs include a website that will link to an interactive map with the construction date, the architect and the style of each historic home. The interactive map is anticipated to be released by the end of 2019.

“The interactive map is the Committee’s ‘birthday present’ to the City and will allow us to continue to celebrate Highland Park’s architectural beauty for the next 150 years,” said HP150 Architecture Committee Chair Jean Sogin. “The Committee appreciates all the property owners who have chosen to participate in the Historic Homes Celebration.”

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