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Highland Park Composts

The City of Highland Park would like to congratulate and recognize three local businesses who have participated in the Highland Park Composts program: Little Szechwan, Bluegrass, and La Casa de Isaac and Moishe. So far, these three restaurants have collectively diverted roughly 20 cubic yards of food waste from our landfills—that’s about 42 95-gallon carts, or 420 full 13-gallon trash bags!

Highland Park Composts is a pilot program started in October 2018 to encourage local restaurants and businesses to compost their foodscraps in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enrich local soils. As part of Highland Park Composts, businesses get access to operations audits, cost assessments, educational materials, and other resources to help implement a robust composting program.

Highland Park Composts is a dedicated collaboration between the City of Highland Park, the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO), Lakeshore Recycling Systems, Bright Beat Project Management and Sustainability Consulting. Local businesses and restaurants who are interested in signing up for this program should email The Highland Park Composts program is now expanding and more businesses are being added every day.

For more information about composting in Highland Park, visit