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January 27, 2019 -- Winter Storm Warning in Effect/ Excessive Cold

January 27, 2019 -- A Winter Storm Warning is in effect in Lake County from 9 PM tonight until tomorrow at 6 PM. Heavy snow, freezing drizzle, blowing snow, and ice accumulations are expected. Snow accumulations between six to nine inches are predicted. Hazardous driving conditions may impact travel. If you must drive, please use caution.
Heavy snow will diminish Monday morning but a mixture of light snow and drizzle or freezing drizzle is expected to continue through Monday afternoon. Potentially life-threatening cold temperatures are expected by midweek, especially from late Tuesday through early Thursday. 

Check on Neighbors
With dangerous cold conditions, please check on your neighbors to ensure their well-being. Should you be concerned about the well-being of a neighbor, the Police Department can conduct well-being checks, especially for the elderly. To request a well-being check, contact the Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 847.432.7730.

Warming Centers
The following locations serve as public warming centers within the City:

Highland Park Police Department, 1677 Old Deerfield Road, is open to residents as a warming center 24 hours per day. 

Recreation Center of Highland Park, 1207 Park Avenue West, is open to residents as a warming center during the following hours:
Monday through Thursday - 5:00 AM through 9:45 PM
Friday - 5:00 AM through 7:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday - 6:30 AM through 7:30 PM

Highland Park City Hall, 1707 St. Johns Avenue, is open to residents as a warming center 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Traffic Conditions
City Public Works crews have been following the City's snow and ice operations through the weekend and are prepared for additional snow. Under normal snowfall conditions, three-inch or less, all public streets are plowed within the first six hours. However, it is important to note that initial snow removal operations are staged simultaneously throughout the City and that multiple plowing passes along streets are required to move the snow to the curb. Response times can vary and may be extended depending on the magnitude, duration, and timing of winter storm. Regardless, snow removal operations will continue until all public streets are passable and all parking areas have been cleared. 
Please remember the City's Snow Ordinance is in effect from December 1 through March 31.  No vehicles can park on any public streets from 2 AM to 6 AM.
Permitted overnight City parking lots are identified on City's website at An overnight parking permit can be obtained at City Hall, Monday, 7:30 AM to 5 PM and Tuesday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM. 
The City prohibits removing snow or ice from any building, private property, driveway, driveway approach or public sidewalk and depositing it onto public streets. Depositing snow on public streets creates a traffic hazard. If a resident observes that snow is piled onto a handicap parking space in a public or private parking lot prohibiting use of the parking space, please contact the City of Highland Park Police at 847.432.7730.
Drivers are asked to continue using caution by slowing down and leaving extra space between your vehicle and any vehicle in front of you as black ice may occur on roads during winter weather conditions. Traffic conditions throughout Lake County can be found online at Lake County Passage.

The City maintains approximately 120 miles of public sidewalk.  For every snow event, the City plows high pedestrian select sidewalk areas such as in and around train stations and schools, the Central and Ravinia Business Districts, parking garage entrances, and public facilities.

Upon accumulation of 4” or more of snow, City’s authorized contractor(s) plow all public sidewalks. The sidewalk plowing typically starts 12 to 24 hours after the start of the snowfall and could take up to 24 to 48 hours or more to complete the entire plowing operation of public sidewalks.

Prevent Frozen Pipes
In sub-zero temperatures, homes are more susceptible to frozen pipes. To prevent home water service pipes from freezing, residents could run cold water from the highest point in the home (i.e. upstairs bathroom faucet) until sub-zero temperatures have subsided.  It is recommended that a pencil-sized stream of water run continuously.  If a resident experiences frozen pipes, please contact a licensed plumber immediately. 
If a licensed plumber requires the City water to be turned off to fix any frozen pipes, during regular hours, please contact Public Works Department at 847.432.0807 and during off- hours contact Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at 847.432.7730.

Clear Fire Hydrants
The City of Highland Park Fire Department needs your help clearing snow from around fire hydrants.  If you have a fire hydrant on or near your property, please consider clearing away the snow. By doing so, you will save firefighters precious time responding to a fire. 

Pet Safety
Help ensure your pets stay safe by following these cold weather pet safety tips.
Limit Exposure to Freezing Temperatures:
If it is too cold for you to be outside, it is likely too cold for your pet. Be mindful of the amount of time your pet spends outside. Even short-term exposure to freezing temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. Provide small dogs or those with thin hair a coat or sweater if going outside. Wearing pet booties can also help keep your pet's feed warm and dry.

Supervise Potty Breaks and Keep Walks Brisk:
If letting your pet out into the yard for a potty break, it is always best to stand by the door and call them back inside immediately after they've finished. Standing by the door until your pet is ready to come back inside can limit the risk of becoming distracted by something else going on inside the house and accidentally leaving them out in the cold for too long. It is also best to limit the amount of time spent on walks during the cold winter months in order to avoid over-exposure to frigid temperatures. Walks should be just long enough for your pet to relieve themselves.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals:
Common chemicals used during the winter months can be hazardous to pets. Extreme caution should be used when storing anti-freeze, as many formulas contain ethylene glycol, which can be deadly if consumed by a pet. Rock salt can cause burning and irritation if in contact with a pet's paws, as well as stomach irritation when licked from the paws and swallowed. A simple solution for avoiding contact with rock salt is to purchase pet booties for your pet to wear when outdoors.

Dress your Pet in Waterproof Clothing:
When it's cold outside, help protect your pet by providing a waterproof coat or sweater. When outside during the winter months, there is a chance your pet may come into contact with ice, snow, or slush, which can saturate a non-waterproof clothing item.  A cold, wet piece of clothing can lead to sickness and/or illness rather than delivering the intended warmth and protection.

Supervise Access to Warming Devices:
Pets should never be left unattended around warming and/or heating devices, such as space heaters, electric blankets, or open flames.  If a pet is cold, they may get too close to the warming device, which can put them at risk for burns or other injuries should the device be knocked over.

Report Power Outages
Please report all power outages to ComEd by calling 1.800.334.7661 or online at If there is an immediate danger due to a downed power line, please call 911.

Please ensure that any portable generators are used outdoors only due to carbon monoxide emissions. Never run a portable generator indoors.

Downed Trees and Tree Limbs
Heavy snow accumulations on trees along with high winds have caused downed trees and tree limbs in the City. If a tree or tree limb has fallen on a power line, please contact ComEd at 1.800.edison1. Do not touch any trees which are in contact with a power line. Please report downed tree limbs in the roadway or along the parkway to Public Works during regular business hours at 847.432.0807 or during non-business hours, please report the downed tree limb to Police Non-Emergency at 847.432.7730.  
Contact Public Works 
To contact Public Works concern during business hours, please call 847.432.0807. After hours, please contact Highland Park Police Non-Emergency at 847.432.7730. In an emergency, dial 911.
Stay Informed
Residents are strongly encouraged to sign up for the City's eNews to receive important information and updates from the City. Please also continue to check the City's website at for updates.
You may also view the City's Snow and Ice Control Manual for specific details on operations.