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Highlands Neighborhood Meeting

At the January 8, 2018 COTW - Highlands Neighborhood Meeting, there were 12 residents present, 6 staff members, and 2 media professionals in attendance.    Representing the Council were Mayor Rotering and Councilmen Tony Blumberg, Michelle Holleman, Dan Kaufman, Alyssa Knobel, and Adam Stolberg.  Councilwoman Stone was not able to attend the meeting.

The following information was presented:

  • Planning for Capital Projects
  • Highlights of 2018 Infrastructure Projects
  • Review of 2018 Highlands Neighborhood Construction
  • Construction Project Modifications for 2019 and Beyond
  • Major Projects Planned in Highlands Neighborhood

The following tentative list of projects are included in the City’s 10-yr Capital Plan. All projects are reviewed, prioritized, and budgeted annually as part of the City’s capital improvement plan budget process.

  • University Ave Resurfacing Project (Old Elm Rd to Old Trail)
  • Summit Ave Watermain and Resurfacing Project (Krenn Ave to Half Day Rd)
  • Hill St Resurfacing Project (Brook Ave to Western Ave)
  • New Sidewalk (subject to resident support)
    • University Ave (Hill St to Old Elm)
    • Krenn Ave (Old Elm to Hyacinth)
    • Hyacinth (University to Dato)
    • Old Trail (Western to Greenwood)


Resident Questions & Feedback

1.) What projects are planned in 2019?

  • Eastwood storm sewer and paving project;
  • Lincoln Pl watermain, storm sewer, and paving project;
  • Tanglewood Ct storm sewer and paving project;
  • Additional capital projects are also planned, aforementioned projects are underground infrastructure improvement projects.

 2. When is Summit from Half Day Rd to Krenn planned?   
Summit Ave from Half Day to Krenn is not scheduled for 2019 but is included in the current City’s 10-year capital plan.  The watermain replacement is planned to be upgraded between North and Old Trail, and paving is planned from Krenn to Half Day. No total replacement of storm sewer or sanitary sewer within the project limits is planned or was ever relayed to the residents.

 Other feedback or comments by residents:

  1. Improve the door tags during driveway curb removal, information is provided in small font and the dates were incorrect.
  2. Communication overall could have improved.
  3. Consider including in contracts that driveway access be limited to a maximum time period.
  4. Resident feedback pertaining to the value of liquidated damages and the legal difficulties to administer liquidated damages.
  5. Avoid any construction projects in front of schools and areas that impact school traffic flow.
  6. When projects begin in November and there’s frost on the ground, safety challenges are prevalent.
  7. Concern that there are no safety barricades behind the curbs on Marl Oak Dr and with parkway restoration not complete yet, it is difficult to ascertain where the curb starts and stops especially with snow-covered areas.   Staff responded that this area will be filled in short order and parkway restoration will be complete in the spring. 
  8. Suggestion the contractor show proof of project management with the bid submission.
  9. Overall, residents expressed appreciation for coordinating the meeting and following-up on the matters noted.

The City extended appreciation to the residents for their feedback and apologized again for the challenges and frustration residents faced as a result of the construction in the neighborhood.

The meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

The PowerPoint presentation from the January 8, 2019 COTW - Highlands Neighborhood Meeting is available here.