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Flood Mitigation Study Update

On October 2, 2018, Mayor Nancy Rotering and Public Works Director Ramesh Kanapareddy met with the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, East Skokie Drainage District, and neighboring municipalities to review the progress of the US Army Corps of Engineers initiated preliminary study that is currently underway to address long-term flood mitigation. The preliminary study entails modeling and economic analysis for the entire watershed area of the two rivers, Skokie River and Middle Fork. The preliminary study will determine whether or not to conduct a feasibility study. If the benefits outweigh costs, the Army Corps will pursue a feasibility study with the support of local municipalities to work on flood control solutions. The preliminary study is expected to be complete by late spring 2019.

Residents are urged to contact their elected representatives from Lake County (Paul Frank –, the State of Illinois (Rep. Scott Drury – and Sen. Julie Morrison – and the US Congress (Rep. Brad Schneider – with questions and concerns. Coordination with these governments is crucial to the regional response needed.

“This study is a priority and the City is working closely with ACOE throughout the process,” said Mayor Nancy Rotering. “Together, we are conducting a study that involves modeling and cost analysis for the entire watershed area. Our collective goal is to advance a solution that prevents the serious flooding that has plagued the region. Flood relief is long overdue for our community.”

The Highland Park City Council approved an agreement with ACOE to conduct the preliminary study related to regional flood mitigation solutions earlier this year. This preliminary study will determine if a comprehensive feasibility study is required that will evaluate flood protection solutions for all communities along this river. If a final feasibility study is undertaken, the potential flood mitigation projects could include a combination of storage basins, retaining walls, pump stations, buy-outs, and other measures. The mitigation solution would be effective for the residents of Highland Park and other area residents who live along the Skokie and Middle Fork Rivers.

Regular updates about the City’s flood mitigation work can be found on the City website at