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Photo Contest Winners Selected

At the October 15, 2018 City Council Meeting, Mayor Nancy Rotering and Councilwoman Kim Stone presented the Annual 2018 Capture the Heart of Highland Park Photo Contest winners. Winners included Dana Lawrence Gillis, Bradley Rose, David Kopka, Kristina Govorovska, and Michael Melinger. Honorable mention was given to Kristina Govorovska, Merle Branner, Paul Cherner and Michelle DeBrocke.

 The Capture the Heart of Highland Park Photo Contest provides an opportunity for photographers of all levels to be recognized for capturing the character of the community through photography. The contest was open to those who live and work in Highland Park. Winners and honorable mention recipients were selected in five categories from over 90 entries. Winning photos were selected by the City’s Cultural Arts Commission. Photos may be used in City of Highland Park publications and will be on display on the City’s website and Facebook page.

 Community Life Winner                     Honorable Mention
Dana Lawrence Gillis                                    Kristina Govorovska
Picture 1                    Picture 2

People Portraits Winner                     Honorable Mention
Bradley Rose                                                  Merle Branner
Picture 3        Picture 4

 Environmental Winner                        Honorable Mention
David Kopka                                                   Paul Cherner

Picture 5         Picture 6

Architectural Winner                         Honorable Mention
Kristina Govorovska                                   Merle Branner
Picture 7            Picture 8

Pets of Highland Park Winner          Honorable Mention
Michael Melinger                                          Michelle DeBrocke
Picture 9          Picture 10

To learn more about the contest, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 847.926.1000 or