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City Welcomes New Highland Park Connector Bus

The Highland Park Connector, formerly known as the Senior Connector, was originally implemented as a way for Highland Park’s senior population to access the Senior Center, as well as other popular destinations throughout town. In recent years, the service was broadened to serve adult individuals aged 50+ with disabilities, as well as youth enrolled at the Firehouse Youth Center. The Senior Connector will now be known as the Highland Park Connector, which better reflects the City’s comprehensive and inclusive service.

Earlier this year, the City purchased a new bus which features a larger passenger seating capacity of 19 and the ability to additionally transport two wheelchair/mobile assistive device occupants.  The ADA-compliant bus entrance incorporates a ramp that can be deployed for passengers with mobile assistive devices or for passengers who may find a graduated incline easier to manage than the one-step entryway. The new Connector is equipped with many safety features including retractable seatbelts, an AED unit, Q-Straint securement systems for wheelchairs, onboard cameras and recording drive, and a backup camera. Additional features include a standard fire extinguisher, non-slip flooring, PW-frequency radio and emergency windows hinged at the top to open fully outward in an emergency.

The Highland Park Connector operates Monday through Friday on a continuous fixed route, with stops at the Senior Center and other popular destinations in Highland Park. The service was expanded in 2017 by extending hours of operation from 9:30 AM until 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday and adding additional stops to better accommodate passengers. As always, the Connector Bus Operator will provide complimentary assistance to residents with mobile-assistive devices and parcels.

For additional information on the Connector or a Connector schedule, please visit the City of Highland Park’s website or contact Transit Coordinator Lee Overholser at 847.432.3325 or Manager of Youth & Senior Services, Laura Frey at 847.926.1860.