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Looking for HP Models!

Looking for Highland Park residents of all ages, genders, and ethnicities to participate in two upcoming photoshoots for developing updated marketing materials for the City. We need 5-10 volunteers at each of the following times and locations (except where indicated otherwise) so please feel free to bring family or friends. Your total time commitment will be an hour or less. 

Meeting Places and Times

Tuesday, June 12
11:00 AM Corner of Central and St Johns, near Arrive Dolce
11:45 AM Port Clinton, near Blaze
12:45 PM Renaissance Place, between Jamba Juice and Chipotle

 Wednesday, June 13
11:15 Entrance to McClory Bike Path at north end of Ravinia Business District Parking Lot on St Johns (across from Baker Boys)
2-3 people only, including at least one child, must be on bikes and wearing helmets. Only needed for 15 minutes but welcome to join us for the remainder of the shoot.
11:30 AM Ravinia Train Station
Please note that some walking (or rolling, if you or a family member are in a wheelchair or are pushing a stroller) will be required for about 4-6 blocks during the course of our time together. 

Please plan on arriving 5 minutes before the start times listed so that you can sign "model release" forms which give permission for the usage of your image(s). In case of inclement weather, shoots will be rescheduled to June 19 and 20. You do not need to commit to rain date availability at this time.

Kindly RSVP or direct any questions to Martha Abelson at

Finally, please see wardrobe guidance below.

Please do wear:
Casual (or business casual) summer attire that is neat, clean, age- and weather-appropriate
Comfortable shoes, sandals, or sneakers 
Any color of neat pants, jeans, shorts, skirt or dress (fashionably ripped jeans ok as long as only moderately and modestly torn). 
Solid color or lightly patterned tops, especially in light or bright summer-y hues such as white, blues, greens, pinks, purples. 
We also need 2-3 adult women in Renaissance Place group wearing yoga/pilates clothing

Please do not wear:
Crop tops
Very short shorts
Deeply plunging necklines
Sloppy sweatpants
Shirts with prominent logos, pictures or verbiage unless it is Spirit Wear for any of the Highland Park public schools or is promoting Chicago sports teams