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Co-Existing with Wildlife

During certain times of the year, the City experiences an increase in animal activity, specifically skunks, feral cats, and coyotes. Like many other North Shore communities, the City will not intervene with wildlife on private properties unless there is an in-progress public safety threat. The City has historically practiced a no-kill policy pertaining to domestic and uninjured wild animals and strongly encourages citizens to respect and co-exist with wildlife. Here are a few tips to assist with mitigation of wildlife activity on private properties:

1.    Do not feed wild animals

2.    Do not leave dog or cat pet food or water supplies outdoors

3.    Secure garbage

4.    Consider not utilizing birdseed to feed birds; birds attracted by birdseed may attract coyotes onto a property

5.    Keep pets inside at night, as coyotes are primarily nocturnal

6.    Walk your dog on a leash at all times. If your yard does not have a fence, use a leash while on your property to keep your dog close to you

7.    Consider installing fencing and outside lighting (triggered by motion sensors) to deter coyotes from entering and remaining on a property

For more information on co-existing with wildlife, please visit