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Highland Park Police Department "Promposal" for High School Students

As students prepare for prom, so do local police departments. The City’s goal is for students to safely enjoy the celebration. Please consider the Police Department’s top ten thoughts and actions surrounding this special event to have a memorable and safe prom.

10.All of the officers are on alert before, during, and after prom.

9. The City of Highland Park has a “zero tolerance” policy for violations involving drugs and alcohol.

8. The Police Department conducts checks of all local liquor establishments prior to prom to inspect and alert those establishments that we arrest those who sell alcohol to minors, so don’t try it.

7. The High School staff takes extra precautions to ensure a safe event – don’t be naïve and try to beat the established protocols. (All hired vehicles get checked for alcohol – they are not allowed to transport minors if alcohol is present).

6. The City’s police officers have seen far too many situations where bad judgment ended in youth tragedy; they care, they enforce and they have little patience for unacceptable behavior that puts you or others at risk.

5. The High School Resource Officers are there to help you. Please let them know if they can intercede in a situation before it goes badly.

4. The Medical Immunity Act provides that minors who summon medical assistance for an intoxicated minor may be immune from prosecution if they assist the police and emergency responders. Don’t put a friend in need of medical attention in further risk. Call for help!

3. You are never alone. If you need help, use your support group of friends, parents, and teachers. They are there for you!

2. Look out for your partner….you thought enough of the individual to go to the prom with them, continue that relationship with mutual respect and understanding for them, their feelings and decisions. 

1.Make sure you have a memorable night for the right reasons and have a wonderful time by using your good judgment.

For more information, please contact the City of Highland Park Police Department at 847.432.7730 or by email at