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Taste/ Odor Problems

Weedy, Earthy, or Musty Taste/Odor

Every year the algae in the lake go through growth cycles with periods of peak growth in spring and fall.  During this time, easterly winds prevail and algae accumulates in the shallow water near the vicinity of our intake pipes.  This results in noticeable flavor changes. This flavor change will also occur in the summer when the lake is at its warmest temperature. The unpleasant (but harmless) taste in the water is described as weedy, earthy, or musty. 

Water Plant personnel do everything possible to minimize the impact of these algae on the flavor of your drinking water. Although these odors are harmless, the human senses of taste and smell are extremely sensitive to them and can detect them in the water at very low concentrations. Should you notice this change, you can be confident that the water is perfectly safe to use. This odor poses no health impact and is strictly aesthetic. 

The taste of the water will return to normal soon after the wind direction changes or the water temperature decreases. Meanwhile the flavor of the water can be improved by keeping it in an open pitcher in the refrigerator. Inexpensive home filters that employ Activated Carbon are also helpful. If you purchase such a unit, please remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions with respect to maintenance.