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Truck Permits

Permit Application


Effective April 1, 2019, oversized and overweight truck permits will be processed through Oxcart Permit Systems. 

Please use the following link to submit a permit application:

The City of Highland Park issues permits through Oxcart Permit Systems for oversized and/or overweight vehicles driving on City roadways.  The City is allowed 24-48 hours to process the permit.
The permit must be filled out entirely and legibly. Any permit application not legible or not filled out completely will not be processed. When planning the route, it is the responsibility of the applicant to determine if a roadway has a restriction. Please utilize the Designated Truck Routing map, which indicates roadway jurisdiction and bridge classification to assist with route planning.

The approved permit MUST be with the vehicle described in the permit at all times while operating on the streets within the City and shall be exhibited upon demand to any enforcement officer.

Load Restrictions
IDOT will be installing a "Legal Loads Only" sign on the structure carrying Deerfield Road over Old Skokie Road.  The existing structure is safe.  The load restriction is intended to minimize the stresses on the deteriorated structural elements until corrective measures can be taken.  Click on map for location.