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Swimming Pool Drainage Guidelines

Residents are reminded of the Highland Park City Code requirements pertaining to the discharge of water 
from residential swimming pools. The North Shore Sanitary District considers pool water to be contaminated 
wastewater, and as such, it must be drained or discharged into a sanitary sewer. 

During spring and fall maintenance, pool water should be drained into the house sanitary sewer, or a City sanitary sewer manhole located in the public right of way. If a City sanitary sewer is used for discharge, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, or designated pool contractor, to properly barricade and secure the area around the sanitary sewer manhole. Discharge of swimming pool water into storm sewer systems or any ravine, either public or private, is strictly prohibited. Proper Discharging of Pool Water

Appropriate Draining Locations
For appropriate draining locations, please call the Public Works Department at 847.432.0807.