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Report Streetlight Outage or Maintenance


Most streetlights in the City are owned by Commonwealth Edison.  The City does own some streetlights, mainly in the Central and Ravinia Business Districts.  Additionally, private individuals also own some streetlights, especially those of a more decorative nature that may be found in some subdivisions.  Streetlight problems can be reported to the Public Works Department.  If the light is not City-maintained, the City will forward the service request to the proper owner.

Reporting Outages

If you have noticed a streetlight that is out, dim or blinking, please report it to the Public Works Department at 847.432.0807.

The following information is useful to identify a specific light:

  • Address where the light is positioned over the road.
  • Side of the street the light is on.
  • Occasionally, a pole number can be seen at eye level and usually is a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Please leave your name and daytime phone number so we may call with questions if necessary.

Once a report has been made, the City will determine who owns the light.  If it is a City-owned light, efforts to repair the light within 48 hours are made.  If it is a ComEd streetlight, the City will notify ComEd of the problem and they are responsible for getting the light repaired.  If you are aware that a streetlight is owned by ComEd, you may wish to report the outage directly to ComEd.

For more information, please contact the Street Foreman at 847.432.0807.