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Flooding FAQ's

Flood Mitigation- How to Prepare Your Home

As we welcome warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers, we must also prepare for unwelcome rains! The risk of flooding cannot be completely prevented, especially for those residing in flood plain areas, primarily adjacent to the two rivers. In certain circumstances, there are solutions available to a property to help mitigate flooding and help alleviate property or yard damage.

Below recommendations and guidelines will assist in minimizing flood risks:

  1. Regularly inspect flood protection devices such as backflow preventers, sump pumps, and battery back-ups, as well as check valves and standpipes, to make sure they are in good working condition.
  2. Contact a licensed plumber to have your storm (rainwater) and sanitary (wastewater) lateral service pipes (running from your home to the street) inspected to make sure they are free of roots and debris.
  3. Contact a licensed plumber to inspect and verify that storm lateral pipes are not connected to sanitary lateral service pipe or vice-versa. These two lateral pipes should remain separate and are connected separately to the City storm and sanitary main pipes.
  4. Make sure all exterior drains such as window well drains, outside yard drains, gutters, or street drains are clear of debris, leaves and any other obstructions.
  5. Install an overhead sanitary sewer system (ejector pit) to alleviate sewer backups.
  6. City has a voluntary sewer lateral cost-share program to assist with flood backups via sanitary sewer laterals.
  7. To view floodplain areas, visit FEMA or

City website,, go to Interactive Maps to view both FEMA and City floodplain areas under Layers (on the right side of map). If you need additional information read through the topics below, or contact Rob Pluta, the Sewer Foreman, 847.926.1150 during business hours.

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