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Flooding Prevention Tips

Flooding Prevention Tips
April showers may pose flooding woes! To minimize flooding risk on your property either in basement or yard, residents are strongly encouraged to follow preventative maintenance steps noted below:
  • Inspect flood protection devices such as back flow preventers, sump pumps and battery backups, check valves, stand pipes, etc., to be in good working condition.
  •  Storm (rainwater) and sanitary (wastewater) lateral service pipes (running from home to street) should be free of roots and debris. Have these lateral services inspected and cleaned by authorized licensed plumbers.
  • Storm lateral service pipe should not be connected to sanitary lateral service pipe or vice-versa. These two lateral pipes should remain separate and be connected separately to City storm and sanitary main pipes. Contact an authorized licensed plumber for inspection and verification. If a cross connection exists, obtain a building permit for corrected work.
  • All exterior drains such as window well drains, outside yard drains, gutters, street drains, etc., should be clear of debris, leaves, and other obstructions. 
Residents experiencing flooding should:
  • Use reasonable precautions to protect family from contaminated or flooded waters;
  • Restrict use of plumbing appliances until rains subside including dishwasher, showers, toilets, laundry and other appliances;
  • Identify source of flooding and call appropriate licensed professional;
  • Call Public Works Department to assist with flooding mitigation;
  • If you are experiencing a sanitary sewer backup, in addition to calling a licensed plumber please also contact Public Works Department to inspect City sanitary main pipes.

Public Works Department staff can be reached at 847.432.0807 during normal business hours. During off-hours please contact non-emergency Police dispatch at 847.432.7730.

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