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AMR Installation Project

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Installation Project

The City of Highland Park, as part of upgrading public infrastructure, is embarking on a two-year construction project to replace old water meters and to implement an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system. The project entails replacing over 6,000 meters and installing approximately 10,000 Meter Interface Units (MIUs) to improve water distribution and water metering service levels. The MIU will read the meter remotely. The new water metering equipment is installed at no cost to the residents.

Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.
Project History
Over the past year, the City planned and designed the scope of the project with input from the public. In addition, public hearings were conducted to make zoning amendments for installation of AMR system antennas. The Council awarded the construction contract in September 2014.

The entire project is fully installed and operational.
Installation and Contractor
The City contracted with Water Resources Incorporated (WRI) to install new water meters and related meter reading equipment including MIUs. A typical installation should take approximately 30-45 minutes. The WRI installers are uniformed personnel carrying picture ID badges and travel in marked vehicles.
Safety Considerations
For safety reasons, you should not allow an Installer to enter your home without an appointment that has been scheduled in advance. The City has run background checks on all installers in order to help maintain your safety. Should the contractor need inside access in order to install a customer's new water meter or MIU, you will be contacted via letter, door hanger or e-mail from Water Resources' Call Center staff. All installation team members will wear a Water Resources ID badge identifying each installer as a City of Highland Park outside contractor. The badge will also identify the installer as a meter or MIU installer. In addition, installers have also been issued a temporary City of Highland Park ID badge which has a blue background. Customers are urged not to let anyone into their home without a pre-scheduled appointment AND checking for the presence of the City of Highland Park ID badge. Should there be any doubt by a water customer about the validity of the installer's badge or identity, the customer can call Water Resources' Call Center staff at 800-355-7299 or the City's Public Works Department at 847.432.0807 to verify the installer's ID badge and identity.
Contact Information
This project will be monitored and inspected by the City of Highland Park Public Works Department. Please direct any questions to  Ron Bannon, Deputy Director, at 847.432.0807.