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Red Light Camera Safety Enforcement

In an effort to improve traffic safety and compliance with traffic laws, the City of Highland Park  installed automated red light enforcement cameras at the highway intersection of U.S. Route 41 and Park Avenue West in June of 2010. The Illinois Department of Transportation issued permits for the southbound U.S. Route 41 approach at Park Avenue West and the westbound Park Avenue West approach at U.S. Route 41. Historically, this intersection has had some of the highest number of vehicle accidents with associated injuries within the City.  The Department has contracted red-light camera vendor, GATSO, to provide red light enforcement services.

Red light traffic violators who have received a red light camera violation citation and have questions may call the Highland Park Photo Enforcement Program Customer Service Call Center toll-free at 855.370.4229, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (CST) for further information. Residents may also contact Police Sergeant Sean Curran at 847.432.7730. 

Red Light Camera Evaluation Report June 2018

Payments for a red light camera citation should be mailed to:

Citations Processing Center- City of Highland Park
P.O. Box 7200
Beverly, MA 01915

Payment can also be made online at

Please do not mail payment to the Police Department.  Doing so will delay the payment processing and could result in a late fee.