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HAWK (High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK)

Illinois Law requires motorist to yield to pedestrians in a marked crosswalk. The City of Highland Park  places a high priority on pedestrian safety and is concerned about unprotected crossings of major streets. Per City ordinance, HPHS installed a HAWK pedestrian crossing signal at Woodpath and St. John's. The following provides information on the HAWK crossing:

  1. Drivers must be observant and obey the crosswalk signals at all times.
  2. Violators will receive a ticket.
  3. Students are asked to exercise caution when crossing at the new signal, particularly as drivers are learning the new system.

HAWK_thumbWhat is it?
"HAWK" stand for High-Intensity Activated crossWalK. It is intended to provide a signalized crossing for pedestrian while reducing delay to vehicular traffic. 

How is it different than other traffic signals?
While it looks similar to a traditional pedestrian signal, the HAWK operates a little differently. When not in use, it will remain dark allowing vehicular traffic to proceed without stopping. A pedestrian pushing the button begins a sequence of six movements (see image and YouTube video for details). 

How does HAWK operate?
While slightly different in appearance, a HAWK signal operates much like a conventional signal in that it stops traffic flow (see image and YouTube video for details). 

For any questions in regards to HAWK and how it works, feel free to contact the Highland Park Police Department's non-emergency contact at 847.432.7730 and be sure to view our video located below.