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Emergency Voice Notifcation System

Communication Service
The City of Highland Park has instituted an Emergency Voice Notification System – a high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. The system allows the Police Department to telephone the entire City or a targeted area in the event of an emergency that requires immediate action. The system is capable of dialing thousands of phone numbers per hour and delivering a recorded message to a live person or an answering machine. 

Some examples of incidents where Highland Park would utilize the system include: gypsy moth spraying from low-flying helicopters, boil order notifications, missing persons, evacuation notices, gas leaks or other emergencies where rapid notification is essential for public safety. 

Listed Highland Park residential and business telephone numbers have been downloaded into the database. Residents or business owners with unlisted numbers should register. Register online and add a cell phone or work phone to the notification list. 

For additional information please contact the Police Department at 847.432.7730.

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