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Child Car Seat Inspection Application

The City of Highland Park Police Department offers Child Safety Seat Inspections every other Thursday by appointment only. Currently, this service is available to Highland Park Residents only, so please be prepared to show proof of residency. Participants must have their seats pre-installed before inspection and be ready to make necessary adjustments. Please reference to your specific Vehicle Owners Manual and specific Child Safety Seat Instruction Manual and/or manufacturer's website for guidance on installation. No phone confirmation is necessary. For additional information or questions please contact Community Service Officer Carmen Hendley at, or by phone at 847.432.7730. 



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All Child Safety Seat Inspection will be held at the Highland Park Police Department Substation, located in the P1 level at the Port Clinton Parking Garage, 600 Central Ave.

Enter Port Clinton Parking Garage off of the north side of Laurel Ave, between First St. and Second St.

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  The purpose of this program is to help reduce improper use of car seats, booster seats, and seat belts and that this inspection is provided as a free service to me.

 This program cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety or condition of my child restraint or any component of my vehicle, including the seats, seat belt or LATCH.

 This program cannot guarantee my child's safety in a crash and it is important to read both the vehicle and child restraint instruction manuals.

For these reasons, I release all program sponsors, volunteers, and instructors from any present or future liability for any injuries or dangers that may result from a vehicle collision or otherwise

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