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Sirens and Lights

What to Do
sirens and lights
What drivers should do when they see lights and hear sirens from emergency vehicles:  

  • Remain calm, don't panic.
  • Pull to the right and come to a stop. 
  • When on a high-speed road or when there is no room to stop, slow down as much as possible. 
  • When in the left lane, pull over into the right lane as the traffic in the lane to your right moves over. 
  • If you cannot move to the right because of an obstacle, such as a car to your right, simply stop. 
  • Your prompt action will let the driver of the emergency vehicle know what you are doing; it will allow the driver to anticipate where to drive.
  • When an emergency vehicle approaches you from behind while you are stationary at an intersection, stop sign or red light, do not move unless you can pull to the right.

What Not to Do
What drivers should not do when they see lights and hear sirens from emergency vehicles: 

  • Don't stop in the middle lane when there is room to pull to the right. 
  • Don't pull to the left in the center lane or left turn lane. 
  • Don't drive through a red light or stop sign when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind. 
  • Don't turn quickly to the left into a driveway or street. 
  • Don't race ahead to get through a green light or turn before the emergency vehicle gets there. 
  • Don't disregard the presence of the emergency vehicle by continuing to drive.