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Education Programs

Fire Prevention and Education Programs
The Highland Park Fire Prevention and Education Programs provide Fire Education opportunities to the citizens and businesses in our community. The goal of our programs is to save lives and property by teaching safety and prevention before an emergency occurs. Listed below are some of the public education programs that are available to the community. These programs are presented as needed within the community at various times during the year.

Community Awareness Programs 

  • Fire Safety Week: Many programs are provided during this week to promote fire safety.
  • Change Your Clock Program, Change Your Battery: Smoke detector battery test and replacement program.
  • Fire Department Tours: Fire Department tours provide an opportunity for the community to meet fire fighters, learn about fire safety and to see the equipment used by the firefighters.
  • Juvenile Fire Starter Program: Program designed to the needs of families with kids who have started fires.
  • Community Fire Safety Displays: Fire Department tours and speakers as requested.
  • Senior Citizens Fire Education Programs: Prevention program geared toward senior citizens and fire safety.

Public and Private School Curriculum 

  • Pre School: The ABC's of fire safety, dangers of fire, stop drop and roll, smoke detectors, and fire fighter turn out gear and fire truck tour.
  • Kindergarten: Rescue Rangers fire safety video, smoke detectors, crawl low under smoke, exit drills in the home and familiarization with firefighters in turnout gear.
  • 1st Grade: Fire safety videos, exit drills in the home take home assignment, two ways out training, fire hazards.
  • 3rd Grade: Fire safety/smoke trailer, home fire hazards, learn not to burn, smoke detectors, escape planning, home safety quiz, "get out, stay out" instruction, and fire extinguishers.

Business Education Opportunities 

  • Fire Extinguisher Use: This program involves a short lecture about fire extinguisher use followed by hands on training session.
  • Fire Evacuation: This program is done on site with supervisory staff to walk through fire evacuation plans.
  • Fire Hazard Preplanning: This program is designed to educate workers about unique fire hazards and protection systems within their facility.
  • Hazardous Materials Incident Planning: Geared to specific facilities and hazards as requested.